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Custom Closet Features

Having a customised closet installed can be very straight forward and although the structure itself will need to be designed and manufactured, this isn’t that dissimilar to standard manufacturing tasks for regular wardrobes. Considering the low cost, the fast creation times and the ease of installation, it’s no wonder why people are turning to the potential to create their own personalised storage units; as opposed to traditional store-bought options.

There are even websites that make personalising a unit as simple as selecting from a few options, but this is where things can become a little confusing; especially if the customer is unsure of which type of features they should choose to include within their cupboard. Here’s an introduction to the types of features available within custom closets and how they can benefit their owner.

Built-in drawers

Many wardrobes feature built-in drawers, but they can often find themselves used for things that they weren’t intended for, or simply overlooked altogether. The great thing about personalising the drawers of a closet is that the customer might already have an idea in mind; relating to what those drawers will be used for. This makes it much easier to choose whether the internal composition of the drawer will have hooks for hanging accessories, or a soft inlay to better protect delicate items.

Hanging rails

Although not a necessity, many people consider hanging rails to be a vital addition to a wardrobe – and they can be very useful as far as keeping creases out of clothing is concerned. Depending on the width of the closet, it might be better to have a shorter rail fitted, simply to allow room for other features to be installed where the rail would usually continue. A shorter rail will still be able to house garments securely, without needing to take up a large portion of the unit.

Internal shelves

Most shelves are horizontal in nature and even though they are very effective at storing particular items and pieces of clothing, it is possible to go even further and add vertical dividers to create compartments within a closet. These can be used to store clothes in much the same way as normal shelves; or different types of clothing can be placed for easier access. In any event, internal shelves can make a great addition to a closet – and the more of them that are present, the greater the storage potential will be.

Sliding doors

Traditional cupboards will open and close in much the same way as normal access points – but this can take up space and restrict movement at times. Sliding doors on the other hand are ideal if a closet has been fitted within a wall, as they can simply slide along a rail system while taking up minimal space. Furthermore, these types of doors can offer easier access and can even be fitted with mirrors; all but eliminating the need to have a standing mirror take up more room than necessary.