Ironfish Joseph Chou


If there’s something that acclaimed property investor Joseph Chou knows about, it’s the potential for profits and turnarounds that can make even the richest investors richer. After migrating to Australia and building a life for himself from almost literally nothing, Joseph arduously climbed the ladder in the property industry before establishing his own company Ironfish in 2006. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength, growing its small number of employees from just two to almost 70.

As Joseph has plenty of experience in the investment sector, he decided that a priority should be to provide a great service to his clients, on as broad a scale as possible. This involved employing staff from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities; opting for multicultural capabilities over standard ones. This resulted in clients from different countries around the world being able to communicate with members of staff at Ironfish; all the better to promote and enhance sales potentials.

Chou decided that the best way to do this would be to provide a stable base of commercialization for developers, before advertising these properties to modern home purchasers and investors. This benefits three parties; the company itself, the developers and the investors. The company then receives commission from every successful sale or transaction, which extends their profit margins and allows them to provide further services to an even wider audience.

Developers are often greeted with the concern of not being able to find buyers to invest in or purchase their properties. Ironfish take care of this concern by handling all of the commercialization and sales so that developers can simply concentrate on property construction. Investors on the other hand often struggle with finding the greatest investment potential that suits them. Ironfish have also taken care of this by sourcing some of the greatest properties that have been developed, before presenting them to potential buyers and investors.

It’s this unique and personal approach to business that has cemented Ironfish’s role as one of the most popular in the industry. By acting as the middle-man for investors and developers, individuals can simply concentrate on making a profit from their properties. Developers are able to focus on the construction and design of a property, before placing it on the market for purchase. In other instances, developers may need investors before the construction of a property even begins. When this is the case, Ironfish will approach investors and present them with the potential profits if they choose to invest in the project.

By operating in this manner, developers are able to receive the funding in order to construct their properties, investors are able to turn a profit as those newly constructed properties are sold on to other parties and Ironfish is able to claim a commission for their services. This cycle of sales and profit is what has helped to expand the property sector in and around Australia over the past few years and with new clients investing daily, Ironfish will continue to expand its coverage to suit demand. See: Ironfish Joseph Chou

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