Personal Security Equipment

stun guns for personal useSelf Defence Made Easy with These Effective Accessories

Why do you think you would need stun guns? Violent crimes are reported in the United States every 26 seconds and with gun, knife, and physical assaults seemingly on the rise; there’s never been a better time than now to ensure that you are able to defend yourself. It’s never advised to walk the streets with weapons at the ready – after all this could be seen as intent, and the offender can be prosecuted in a court of law.

So, what do innocent citizens have at their disposal to ensure that they remain as safe as possible, without breaching any local laws? Here’s a look at some of the most effective accessories available – many of which can help to prevent crime, or at least stop a criminal in their tracks should they wish to confront you.

Stun guns

Contrary to popular belief, stun guns and taser devices are perfectly legal to carry in the United States – in Minnesota in particular. These useful accessories can be charged when not in use, and will only activate when the button is pressed. This makes these kind of stun guns completely safe for travel and commuting, and they have helped to save people from all types of crime in the past.

Handcuffs and restraints

Performing a citizen’s arrest is one of the main reasons why a person may need to carry handcuffs, but legislation also states that an individual is permitted to restrain another where concern for well-being is present. This also extends to pacifying a thief before the authorities arrive, or simply holding a criminal in place to stop them from violent activities.

Animal repellents

Although it won’t be likely that a citizen will run in to a wild bear, alligator, or a deadly snake in Minnesota, it’s not uncommon to hear of stray dogs and other wild animals attacking members of the public from time to time. This is where animal repellents come in handy, and they can be used to keep a property clear of wildlife – or used to stun dangerous animals when necessary.

Personal alarms

The last thing that any criminal will want their victim to do is to be able to call for help when they need it most. Robberies, potential rapes, and even murders have been deterred with the use of a personal alarm, and these devices are endorsed by local authorities and government agencies alike. They work by emitting a high-pitched shrill when activated, and it’s this sound that can cause even the most persistent criminal to think twice.

Punch device and defensive tools

No court in the land will convict an innocent member of the public for defending themselves. Carrying a defensive weapon might require an explanation, but this is easily avoided by option for a punch device like the Heart Attack tool, featured on Guardian Gadgets. This handheld accessory fits firmly into the palm, and can be used to punch and pierce into an attacker’s flesh – therefore putting an end to their attack, and offering a superior level of self defence.